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Tips for What To Wear When Shopping for a Wedding Dress?

“I am so sorry, I am wearing black underwear today!", "Oh do you by any chance have a hair tie that i could use?”; expressions we keep hearing from our brides all the time. And that is absolutely fine and understandable as you don’t go wedding dress shopping on a daily basis!  Therefore, below are our top wedding dress shopping tips for our brides from what to wear to how to prepare for your wedding dress appointment.

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Tip # 1; What Underwear to wear to your wedding dress appointment?

So basically, the majority of the wedding dresses that you will be trying will be in Ivory, or white, of blush or Champagne tone so if you arrive to your wedding dress appointment in black knickers, you are definitely going to see them through the dress. Most probably, they will be the only thing that you will see.  Even your bridal party will be distracted and would only focus on your underwear that they will be able to see through your dress!  It is the same as if you are wearing a white denim, so no matter how thick it is, you will still be able to see your bright or dark underwear through them.


So try and pick a colour of your underwear that is the closest to your skin tone. A Nude is going to be your best option.

With knickers it is always best to go a size up as you do not want them digging in your skin.  Especially, if you are trying fitted dresses. Don’t opt for those old nude knickers that are probably 2 sizes too small, instead treat yourself to a new pair of comfortable nude undies as they will be the perfect fit for your wedding dress appointment, I promise!

When it comes to bras, we usually recommend to go topless, yes, only inside the fitting room when you are trying the wedding dresses! Most of the wedding dresses nowadays come with a strong bust support from cups to boning in order to keep everything in the right place. Or, if they don’t we always have a solution for you!

However, if you still prefer to wear a bra on your wedding day that is absolutely fine, go for the nude bra or opt to shop for some wedding dress underwear that come in different styles, cuts and colours to match your skin tone and the cut of your wedding dress.

Tip # 2; What else should I bring with me to the wedding dress appointment?

Apart from yourself and a trusted advisor which might be your Mum, Your Sister or Your best friend, try to keep your guest list minimal as the bigger the list the more opinion you will get.

If you have a favourite pair of heels bring them with you, if you don't, then please don't worry as we do have a selection of shows available in store for you and you will also be standing on the box, which will help a lot in visualizing your dress.

wedding shoes

Bring a hair tie as some dresses will need you to put your hair up to be able to visualize the look better, also it makes your life easier in the fitting room as your hair won't be getting in the way of the zipper, the buttons or whatever the neckline of the dress requires.

Tip # 3; How to prepare for your wedding dress appointment?

Pamper yourself on that day, use those lotions and moisturizers that you have stowed away on the hope of using them one day, do your skin care while taking your time and once you are done, don't forget to do your hair and makeup. Opt for something similar to what you think you will be doing on your big day.

make up brush

Trust me, you will be able to see your dress better when you do all those preps beforehand.

However, we do kindly ask that you do not fake tan! you can do that when the dress is yours, but when you are trying sample dresses please avoid it as it significantly damages the ivory wedding dresses and is a nightmare to clean.

Tip # 4; wear a smile :)

this might sound silly but try not to worry about your wedding dress appointment. we will guarantee you will have the best experience ever. we will make sure it becomes a memory that will stay with you forever. Every time, you come back to it you will feel the same feeling, that of joy and excitement and how special you were.


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