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How to store your wedding dress?

After endless visits to wedding dress stores and numerous fittings to find your dream dress and after wearing it only once for what is arguably the most important day of your life; saying goodbye to your wedding dress after the big day is over could be a bit distressing and hard to swallow.

woman in wedding dress

If you are one of those women who prefer to hang on to their wedding dress that once represented love, unforgettable happy memories and celebrations; then wedding dress preservation tips are what you need to look at to get everything right when you are storing your dream wedding dress.

storage box for wedding dress

Wedding dress preservation is the process of cleaning and packaging that the dress goes through before stowing it away for the next years to come.


First and foremost, you should know that cleaning a wedding dress is not a DIY job, it must be undertaken by the professional dry cleaners who are equipped with the right tools and materials to carry on the job. These are trained to spot the visible and the invisible stains and deal with them properly.

The sooner you get your dress to the dry cleaners the better. Most of the brides, leave off to enjoy their honeymoon and wait weeks to take care of their wedding dress; by then the stains may have had time to really set in which makes it harder to be dealt with.

couple on wedding day

When it comes to packaging your wedding dress, it should not be stored in an airtight box. The dress should be in fact aired and opened on a yearly basis. Make sure to open the box every six months at least and unpack it once a year as this will help prevent any creases from staying permanently.

Once you receive your wedding dress back from the dry cleaning services, make sure to store it in a pH neutral medium box (we have available in store some of Hoesh International wedding dress that we recommend to our brides) using tissue paper that is acid free then place it in an appropriate place. The attic or the basement is not an option! For you will need to choose a cool, dark place within your primary living quarters such as the top shelf of your closet for instance.


What you shouldn’t do at all:

-         Do not store it in a plastic bag for a long term.

-         Do not store it in a normal cardboard box. All boxes contain acid that transmits to the fabric on the long term and leave stains or change the colour of the dress. The box should have a special pH neutral board.

-         Never warp the dress with black tissue papers. Tissue papers should be white and acid free!

-         Don’t hang the dress on a hanger for a long term to avoid pull on the seams and the shape of the dress.


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