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The dress of the mermaid silhouette in ivory color from costume fabric adds charm to your image and emphasizes the beauty of the figure. The corset of the dress has a straight shape and is decorated with wide horizontal pleats. The upper section is hand-embroidered with beads, pearls and transparent sequins. Long sleeves are sewn into the armholes of the corset. The back is V-shaped below the level of the shoulder blades, the upper part of which is translucent and embroidered with beads, pearls and sequins, and the lower part is decorated with the main fabric. The clasp with the expander hooks will help to adjust the corset according to the figure. And a fitted skirt with a train will favorably emphasize your seductive curves of the body. The clasp is a hidden zipper. This dress will emphasize your sexuality and uniqueness.


  • Ida Torez

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