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28th MARCH - 3rd APRIL 2022

We are having our first trunk show of the year where we will be housing the incredible Greta Bridal. Greata Bridal gowns range between £800 - £3500 and are perfect for the bespoke bride wants to embrace their femininity, loves a touch of glamour and fashion in its truest art form.

Aleksandra, the brand’s founder and head designer, has always had a special place in her heart for wedding dresses. Not every woman may be able to attend a red carpet event in her lifetime, but she can wear an exquisite dress on her wedding day. Greta Bridal was created to bridge the gap between dreams and reality for contemporary brides.

All designs are hand made and available with different coloured mesh to match various different skin tones. Find all of the available Greta Bridal designs on our collection page and get booked in to try on all of the beautiful and unique styles!

We can't wait to see you 🥂✨


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