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If you are not a big fan of purchasing your dream wedding dress, then RENT it! Renting your wedding dress might be the answer to so many questions, such as what would I do with my wedding dress after the wedding is done? Where would I store it? Shall I resell it? Wouldn't it be more environmental friendly to rent my dress instead of purchasing a new one? 

Step 1


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How it Works
Book your appointment with us through our website (Rental Services are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays), then come to try the dress on, rent it out for the required period of time, after the wedding is done, drop it off to the store or send it back with a prepaid shipping lab
el!. We will take care of the cleaning, and the cleaning is included in the price! Easy as 1, 2, 3...



While most wedding dress rentals are offered through a portal, where you order the dresses home to try them on; we offer you a hustle free experience where you book your appointment with us, come to our store, browse our rental collection, try on the dresses you love until you find the One!


Rent the Dress

Once you find the one, you will be able to rent it out on the spot and take it with you. We are also happy to offer ship the dress to you whenever you need it, shipping fees will apply in this case.


We recommend that you rent out the dress that is your size or the closest to your size. We do offer reversible length alterations on bridal garments at an additional cost via our approved alteration partner. Once you rent the dress we will be able to discuss this in details with you and book you an appointment with our seamstress.


You will be able to drop your dress off into store on or before the final day of your rental period.

If you are not able to drop it off yourself, you will be able to use the prepaid returns label to send it back to us.

To help reduce our environmental impact further we request that all suit carriers, hangers and packaging (including the delivery box if in good condition) be used to drop off or send back the item(s) after the rental period.

*You may be charged for missing suit carriers or packaging so please keep them safe - they help protect these precious pieces so they last for more brides to be and help reduce the need to produce more plastic packaging.

Damage & Loss

In the event of theft, loss or damage of Tala Daniel Item whilst in your pessession, you will be responsible for the repair costs or the full value of the item damaged and will be charged accordingly. Terms & Conditions.

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