OKSANA MUKHA is a Ukraine based women’s brand of bridal and evening-wear gowns. For the past three decades it has become an epicenter for luxurious bridal fashion, winning the top positions in the European and global markets and relentlessly continuing to gain the sympathy of brides around the world as well. The Designer’s unique signature’s style is recognizable by the subtle floral décor, eloquent ornamental embroidery of tres-chic and intricate draperies.

Today, OKSANA MUKHA is a family business that brings ideas to life combining experience and proven technologies with a completely fresh vision of modern trends.

Our Brand aesthetics joins the international market trends and the regional traditions together. Each of the designs comes to life on a charming bride, thanks to the keen eye of talented craftsmen, who work exclusively with high-class materials from world manufactures, weaving love and dedication onto the assembling process.

Be blessed, You deserve all the best on this meaningful day!

The Fusion Collection

We stock a few designs from various collections of Oksana Mukha with a range of silhouettes and styles. We have been meticulous in our selection so that we can truly display the artistry and in depth design work that Oksana Mukha has to offer.